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NetSuite Bulk Transaction Email App

Our bulk transaction email helps companies who want to quickly send NetSuite transactions via emails in bulk by providing the ability to send saved transactions to all flagged contacts to ensure the appropriate transactions are sent to the right people, every time and without taking up all of the customer’s time.

Sending multiple emails for each transaction is time consuming and uses up precious employee’s time – the bulk transaction email will allow you to automate the sending of emails, whether its estimates, sales orders, invoices, or statements, to multiple people, at the same time.

You’ll have complete automation when sending customer statements, not only allowing you to specify who should receive the statement, but when they should receive it.

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NetSuite App

Simplify Your Email Processes with Our Range of Bulk Email App Features

  • Automated dunning control will ensure follows up emails are handled, based on the number of days overdue on your invoices, without you needing to step in
  • Bespoke email templates can be defined and curated, as they’ll automatically source information from related records, allowing you to customise the emails you’re sending
  • It’s not just about being able to easily mass email transactions – you can even drive this through a simple saved search, massively streamlining processes such as remittance advice runs for vendors.
  • Everything will be automatically tracked, recorded and reportable

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