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Supplier Experience Portal



Questionnaire Builder

Custom questionnaires built for your supply chain.



ESG & Plastic Tax

ESG questionnaires for your entire supply chain.



Voice of the Supplier

Implement VoS surveys and gain actionable insights.


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Coeus Supplier Portal for Builders Merchants

Unlock the full potential of your supply chain, to collaborate and share
secure, near real-time sales, stock and invoice data with all suppliers.

Arm your suppliers to make informed data-driven decisions

Coeus Supplier Experience is an intelligent, no-code, supplier experience portal focused on delivering a unified experience for Merchants across the entirety of their supply chain.

The portal solution integrates seamlessly with your ERP or data warehouse data and is fully themed to match our customers brand identity.

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Elevate Supply Chain Management in your Builders Merchant

Coeus Supplier Portal offers some key features to help improve your supply chain. The portal is highly scalable and performant, trusted by customers with large and complex supply chains, easily scaling to tens of thousands of suppliers and millions of SKUs. Helping you to digitally transform your critical supply chain.
Real-Time Inventory Visibility
Provide real-time visibility into inventory levels. Retailers can track stock availability, ensuring they always have the right products in stock and reducing the risk of stock shortage or overstocking
Responsive Inventory Planning
Real-time data and insights from the portal allow businesses to quickly respond to customer demand shifts. They can adjust their inventory planning and ordering to match customer preferences, ensuring they have the right products on hand
Time and Resource Efficiency
Automate many manual supply chain processes, reducing administrative tasks and freeing up time and resources. This enables retail businesses to focus on strategic activities, marketing, and growth.
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Elevate Supplier Collaboration

Are you looking to take your builders merchant supplier reporting to the next level? Coeus SCM is meticulously crafted for seamless integration, offering a holistic solution for your supply chain management needs. It can align perfectly with your unique business requirements, ensuring an ideal platform tailored to your needs. 

To enhance the user experience even further, consider incorporating our Questionnaire Builder. This features will help you streamline your supplier management processes and improve collaboration with your suppliers.


Choose Coeus SCM For Your Supplier Portal

Enable responsible supply chains by considering social and environmental factors when managing supplier relationships.
Increase agility and resiliency across the supply chain with optimised data shared with every supplier.
Drive supplier performance by providing suppliers with near-real-time data and proactively identifying opportunities for improvement.

Consolidate supplier engagement by improving supplier relationships, reducing costs, and saving time.

Real-time Data
Identify and manage supply chain visibility and risk with real-time data access to the order process, inventory, delivery, and potential disruptions.
Monetise portal access by charging a license fee for suppliers who want to access the portal's valuable features.
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